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Skirmish in "Nouvelle France"


1758. A supply column from Fort Henry arrives to an outpost. The French decided to attack the British fort to seize the supplies.

The wooden bridge (1), weakened by a flood, was impassable for carriages and requires the transport of goods on the backs of men.
The English player must secretly have his men as he wishes on the red spots (at least one point per unit). Goals (boxes, bags ...) are place on each red spots.
The French player chooses between the two blue dots secretly the end point of his troops.

The French player wins:

1 pt victories by objective it takes (no enemy within 2 ") at the end of each turn.
2 pts win for each house that caught fire.

The English player wins:
1 pt per French unit eliminated.

Musket & Tomahawk games with 350 points

(all options of Studio Tomahawk are selected...).

 The 50th regiment of his most gracious Majesty (regular regiment composed entirely of Americans) is placed in front of the fort (3). The regiment of Pennsylvania (Anglo-American provincial) is placed near the wooden bridge (1). Mohawk and the rangers are placed between the two (2).

For French, the regiment de la Reine arrives facing the fort through the woods (2). It is supported by The Compagnies Franches de la Marine. Canadian militias and Huron arrive by the stream.

1st round

Mohawk, natural allies of the British, enter the woods where Canadian militias rose stealthily and fall to Mohawk who wipe immediately shot and lose one of their...

Opposite the fort, the French sailors start to the edge of the forest fire on the Rangers lurking in front of the small wood. Fortunately for the soldiers of his most gracious Majesty, more frightened than hurt!!!

The action moves back to the center of the battlefield where the Mohawk, drunk with the blood of their brother ambushed, throw themselves in the woods on Canadian militias and were driven... They lose four other brothers... And, the survivor must flee... the British no longer an Indian and lost control of the center!!! Hey, screwy starts strong for the British!!!

However, they are not discouraged. The 50th toured the fort and pick the soldiers of the regiment de la Reine at their outputs wood ... The fire line unit follows the commands of his officers and delivers a moving and accurate fire on the French unfortunates. Meanwhile, the Pennsylvanian forced march back to the fort decided to support the fire and also fired on the regiment de la Reine who finds himself under fire from two regular units firing line. This is the drama!!!

The regiment de la Reine suffered seven losses. The courage of the brave French is however little started!!! The survivors decided to reform together in the woods ... This movement left alone the poor marquis de Machu who remains banned in the clearing. Rangers, on the edge of the little wood, and always on the lookout for a bad shot, support each their guns and opened fire on the unfortunate French officer abandoned by his troops ... Pan!!! The lifeless body of the unfortunate marquis de Machu collapses in the middle of the clearing... What fills comfortable all British battle line.
The beginning of this day was tough for the French who have already lost a senior officer and almost all of Queen's regiment.

2nd round

However, the regiment de la Reine remains grouped into the undergrowth fire at the beautiful line of fire of the 50th regiment of his most gracious Majesty. A properly fitted fire button in the forehead an American soldier...

On this "front", the British seem relatively serene. However, this is not the case in the center where only a Mohawk still faces Canadian militias. Anyway, this drunken rage after the irreversible loss of his brothers flows on Canadian militias trying to get out of the woods... Mal took him... He died miserably without a single loss caused... This is the end of the Mohawk ... There’s no more Indians in the battlefield.

The British decided to transfer all their firepower on the Compagnies Franches de la Marine. The Pennsylvanian property safe behind wooden barriers fire on the sailors who were trying to leave the woods opposite the fort. The meek are surprised and taken by the flank. Many soldiers collapsed and the survivors get scared and run away from the battlefield.

The events take a dramatic turn for the French who have just lost their second large unit. Besides the remains of the regiment de la Reine, it remains their only Canadian militias and Huron to try to influence the course of time.

3rd round

The rangers like vultures out of the little wood to fall precisely on the remains of the regiment de la Reine and offer new scalps. Mal took them, the debris of the regiment de la Reine faced and with discipline that characterizes the regular troops opened fire. The rangers, surprised and frightened by the stubborn resistance, take refuge again in the small wooden leaving John Smith, mortally wounded in the middle of the clearing.

The 50th, hilarious to the stupidity and inefficiency of their brothers in arms decide to clean the wood for the last remaining French troops before converging towards the road to face the last two French units.
However, this type of troops is slow on this wild terrain. Meanwhile, the only Pennsylvanian face Huron and Canadian militias.
Huron bypass the small wooden bridge and try to find a good firing position against the provincials. Once they find it, they start to harass the unfortunate Pennsylvanians which are also under fire from the Canadian militias posted them on their forehead but protected by the trees of the wood core.

Provincials undergo fire front and side ... However, despite the losses and thanks to the discipline and composure of Sir Alexander Master, the regiment is holding and patiently waits for the reinforcements who are progressing slowly towards him.

It was too much for the French!!!

They realize that they are powerless and that British reinforce ... This day is lost...
Huron fled through the woods waiting for a future more glorious battle while Canadian militias are retreating in good order...
The troops of his most gracious Majesty finally understand the situation and cry to kill head: Victory!!! God save the King!!!
Which is either pretentious or premature!!! Indeed, fighting for New France is far from over. Britain hasn’t yet won. Other fights are expected!!!

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  1. A wonderful looking game and battle report. The scenery and minis are very well done.

    David S.
    Minnesota, USA