mardi 31 mars 2015



In the Studio Tomahawk planning we have a new game that offers you the opportunity to explore the Congo during the second half of the 19th century. At this time, Congo was the name of the mysterious river that ran into the heart of Africa, and not the name of the modern country.

Our correspondant has been sent to get more informations from the pen of Laurent Pouchain, the author…

The story of the colonisation of the Congo start in the around 1870 when Leopold II, King of Belgium decides to invest his own personnal wealth in a series of expeditions that would establish outposts of his dreamed colonial empire.
In the following years, the great colonial nations of Europe (France, Great-Britain and Germany) all converged toward the heart of Africa, in an attempt to grab their share of the Congo’s wealth. Afraid of the consequences of their competition for this part of Afica, all these European powers agreed to give the Congo to Leopold II during the conference of Berlin in 1885.

Another decade will pass before this country will be fully explored, its frontiers fixed and the Zanzibaris slavers expulsed.

Congo offers you the unique opportunity to take part to the exploration of this country, before the private companies and military forces arrive to plunder and wreak havoc. It’s a time when explorers, adventurers and scientists decided to risk their life and reputation to chart the uncharted, unveil mysteries and myths, and faced the natives and the terrible North African slavers. 

Congo is a miniature adventure game that uses the magical, unexplored, savage, and dangerous “Dark Africa” as its playground, as the occidentals dreamt it at this time.

During the game you will lead a scientific expedition, a fierce tribal war party or a group of Zanzibaris slavers, each with their won schedules.

You will need around 30 figures to play the game. In addition to the various troops at your disposal, you will be able to add some larger than life and colourful characters as a newspaper correspondant, a big game hunter, the colonel’s daughter, a withdoctor or a tribal warchief.

In the heart of Congo you will find the adventures.  In the game you will face the Great Ape venerated by a cannibal tribe, you will have to discover the fate of Pr. Fergusson expedition and what happened to his aerostat and will get hunt down some explorers in the jungle with your ruga-ruga bandits. 

Gather your bearers, the adventure starts…

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  1. Looking forward to seeing this released.

  2. This is a terrible idea.

    1. Why? I mean it is a good setting for a "war"game. A mysterious land, a variety of antagonists, wealth and resources to be coveted, invaders, defenders, discovery and exploration. It has a very pulp feel to it.

    2. I guess because the exploration resulted one of the biggest mass murders in history. For the personal profit of king Leopold. Read Heart of Darkness.

    3. And perhaps also because of the racist undertones in cannibalist tribes worshiping great apes. I know this is supposed to be pulp, but if you are using Rider Haggard and King Kong, you also copy the world views.

    4. On the same basis no one should game any colonial scenario, and WW2 is an absolute no no!

    5. Hey tinfoil grow up, it's a game. People like you would have us all sitting on our hands staring at a wall for fear of offending someone. Go pick on some ultra violent electronic games like "grand Theft auto"

  3. Any idea on a release date?

  4. Great Idea! Looking forward to it!

  5. Sounds great - hope it's available soon. There are some excellent ranges of miniatures out there for this setting too.

  6. Interested to learn more.
    Please note this light orange font is not readable on my iPad... All I can read is the black font.

  7. Hi guys
    I'm keen to have a go at this, if you are ok with it I would like to play test, at least an English version. I liked saga and M&T, especially M&T where I have figures for every list, and I have been looking forward to Congo

  8. Can't wait for this, I'm painting African figures like crazy. Perhaps you could combine with Frostgrave...oh they might melt

  9. Can't wait for this, I'm painting African figures like crazy. Perhaps you could combine with Frostgrave...oh they might melt