dimanche 27 mars 2016

SAGA : Invasions

Hello, Happy Easter.

The lack of new publications of the previous months was due to the intense activity in theTomahawk tipee, devoted to a new and important chapter in the history of Saga.

With The Crescent & The Cross we have explored the destinies of the Crusaders sailing to the Holy Land and the fight of their Muslim enemies, determined to fight with bravery the western invaders. With the new Saga book, we will go back in time, and look at the very beginning of the Dark Ages.

Imagine 6 new factions, depicting the Britons, The Saxon Invaders, the Romans, the Huns, the Goths and the Picts. To lead them into battle, larger than life characters as Aetius, Attila, Arthur or Vortigern. A time when the Roman frontiers were hammered by the flow of barbaric invaders. A time when the civilisation of the past was abour to be superceded by a new one.

New factions, new mercenaries to join your warband, a campaign system and a large figure range are all planned.
The last round of intensive playtest have been done some days ago by our devoted beta-testers. They tried to break the Battleboards, find any loophole in the 6 new scenarios and played the campaign, defending a border garrison against the barbarians. 

Saga : Invasions has now entered the next step, its production.

When will it be released are you asking? Not before the end of the year. It is in the hands of the gods now...


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  1. Wow! Je suppose que tu as passé beaucoup du temps en travaillant sur ça. Je voudrais faire quelque chose comme ça, mais je suis trop paresseuse pour cela. Et si tu veux savoir mon passe-temps favori, read here pour découvrir.